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Finding me and my dear friend a home is tops. We're relocating to San Francisco's East Bay area at the end of the summer for school, and a cheap, well-positioned apartment in decent shape near a BART station is proving to be a little hard to find. I'm a little terrified that we're not going to find anything for an acceptable price, so I've only been doing a tiny bit of cursory Googling at a time. It'll get done, it's just I have a heard time working up the enthusiasm for a task that's almost impossible without advice from her Bay Area aunt who knows the area and most likely will have some idea of where we could rent for cheap.

My other summer task is way more fun: 'consume all the media I've acquired and then forgotten about'. Of course there are the Doctor Who EDAs I picked up ages ago, but there's also some Due South episodes and a whole pile of comics I'm gradually decompressing, arranging, and reading. Right now I'm working through "The Avengers: Nights of Wundagore", which thus far seems to be about some government schmuck paring down the Avengers roster, various wacky villains, and the tangled web that is Wanda and Pietro's parentage. At a guess, I'd say it's from the early eighties--it's a little strange, but not balls-to-the-wall bizarre; there is a delightful lack of grit, mullets, or leather jackets; the art is good, the characterization is decent, and there are comparatively few exclamation points.

Other stuff I have includes a ton of Black Widow comics, a stack of Ravager (Rose Wilson; I had never heard of her but she sounds interesting), some Jaime Reyes-Blue Beetle, the greatest hits of Iron Man, and I believe there's a handful of X-Whatever stuff floating around somewhere that I've been meaning to get into. Good stuff, I am so pleased.

Throw in a few art projects (scholarships and portfolio build-up), shopping for the move (LAYERS--it gets damn cold up there), a family reunion in July (kill me), and various and sundry other events, and I've got a full dance card this summer. At least I won't be bored.


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