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The move was a success! Nothing broke, I'm only lightly bruised, and nobody strangled me for contributing all the heaviest furniture. (My bed, it's a queen--my grandparents said I could have it and I love a big broad surface to sprawl on. Couple that with the tall wooden headboard that doubles as a kind of long nightstand with shelves AND my purchase of the heaviest side table ever made and you'll understand why my roommate's aunt was tempted to curse my name.)

Not having wifi is a pain. My phone does okay, but Tumblr tends to crash Safari after enough scrolling and I am seriously tired of fighting with mobile versions of websites. I'm fortunate that typing on my phone comes easy to me or I'd give up on using the internet altogether. My poor roommate's ongoing three-month fight with the bureaucracy of three schools requires the use of an actual computer, which has necessitated literal hours in coffee shops for her to search, research, write, and email on my laptop while I play Lux on my phone.
The broadband installer's due this next Monday. It was supposed to be this last Monday, except we discovered, too late, the phone box was locked out of reach. We await with bated breath (and suppressed screaming).
I can't tell if I'm mildly allergic to packing tape adhesive or if I just peeled so much of it that it abraded my hands raw. Either way, it was a happy day when I realized the vague hot itch in my skin subsided. Even if almost nothing is placed where it's going to be permanently, at least most of it is out of the boxes. The dust has been aggravating both my cough and my dear friend's migraines.
We'd be further along in unpacking, but we've had errands to run out and about. I don't mind.  Berkeley's an interesting city. The copious flowers and enormous trees everywhere delights me, as does the proliferation of weird buildings with really great paint jobs. (All-time favorite remains the little Victorian done in burgundy, maroon, purple, slightly different purple, and navy blue, with gold trimmings on the lot.) Parking is ridiculously expensive--a quarter buys you ten minutes on a parking meter. TEN MINUTES. And I need those quarters to run laundry in my building, which is a dollar-fifty for the washer and a dollar twenty-five for the dryer. I get the feeling I'm going to get acquainted with our drying rack real quick. 
There are other aspects of apartment life that take a little getting used to. Can't work on assembling a dresser all night because the hammering would wake the neighbors, have to run up a flight of stairs to shush the people in the apartment over ours talking too loudly at three AM. Things I would consider as 'inside the house' tasks do require going outside--I have to get used to wearing clothes I'm comfortable briefly showing off to a busy public street in order to shove wet laundry in the dryer. But it's kind of neat, all things considered. I like how neighborly our apartment building is--it's almost all students, they're inclined to be largely friendly, and they're not a noisy bunch by any means.
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Finding me and my dear friend a home is tops. We're relocating to San Francisco's East Bay area at the end of the summer for school, and a cheap, well-positioned apartment in decent shape near a BART station is proving to be a little hard to find. I'm a little terrified that we're not going to find anything for an acceptable price, so I've only been doing a tiny bit of cursory Googling at a time. It'll get done, it's just I have a heard time working up the enthusiasm for a task that's almost impossible without advice from her Bay Area aunt who knows the area and most likely will have some idea of where we could rent for cheap.

My other summer task is way more fun: 'consume all the media I've acquired and then forgotten about'. Of course there are the Doctor Who EDAs I picked up ages ago, but there's also some Due South episodes and a whole pile of comics I'm gradually decompressing, arranging, and reading. Right now I'm working through "The Avengers: Nights of Wundagore", which thus far seems to be about some government schmuck paring down the Avengers roster, various wacky villains, and the tangled web that is Wanda and Pietro's parentage. At a guess, I'd say it's from the early eighties--it's a little strange, but not balls-to-the-wall bizarre; there is a delightful lack of grit, mullets, or leather jackets; the art is good, the characterization is decent, and there are comparatively few exclamation points.

Other stuff I have includes a ton of Black Widow comics, a stack of Ravager (Rose Wilson; I had never heard of her but she sounds interesting), some Jaime Reyes-Blue Beetle, the greatest hits of Iron Man, and I believe there's a handful of X-Whatever stuff floating around somewhere that I've been meaning to get into. Good stuff, I am so pleased.

Throw in a few art projects (scholarships and portfolio build-up), shopping for the move (LAYERS--it gets damn cold up there), a family reunion in July (kill me), and various and sundry other events, and I've got a full dance card this summer. At least I won't be bored.
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Figured out a new Fancy Hair Trick! It's called a Gibson tuck, it's quite simple and it's at last given me an excuse to break out my extensive and heretofore unused barrette collection.

You pull your hair back into a ponytail,and then you run your fingers down the part of your hair and deep into the ponytail's base to make a kind of narrow pocket along your scalp. Then, if you have very thick, long hair like me you'll have to stuff the free ends of ponytail down the pocket in sections, possibly rolled up; if it's shorter and/or finer I think you can just roll it all up and jam it straight in. After that, pin the base of the former ponytail in and down with barrettes. If you have one, clip one of those flat, fancy hair clip things right over the whole tucked-up mass to repair the divide on the back of your head and make the whole thing look pretty.

Took a few tries to accomplish the tucking-in portion of the process evenly, but now that I've mastered the trick of it I'm going to use it a lot. It's not difficult, and I love the way I look with my sleek pinned-up hair and my Serious Glasses on, the picture of the unconsciously-sexy librarian . Let's see if I can't make some heads turn when I'm all decked out for class. ^__^ Hey, this semester, my classes are boring, I have to get my kicks somehow.

I'm taking two Intro to Design classes and they're neither of them what I expected... or wanted, truth be told. One is basic principles of design, full stop. I thought we'd work more with paints and composition, which I was looking forward to since I need practice with paint and color, but apparently it's all working with paper cut-outs and rubber cement. For a class eerily reminiscent of kindergarten, we get graded very harshly on craftsmanship. The other is computer design, which was billed as the same thing but with the bonus of gaining invaluable experience with Macs. Unfortunately, all the work's been on InDesign, a highly-specialized program I won't use much, instead of PhotoShop, which I desperately need practice in. The lectures in both classes are both overly simplistic and uninformative. I spend a lot of time drawing robots and plants and patterns, dreaming of someday when I am elsewhere, a real university student getting a real education, maybe even having a real life.
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My grandmother wore a sleeveless shirt and capris to golf today. Winnipeg's annual snow festival had to buy their snow. V's friend in Rome has to sleep fully dressed and wearing a hat because none of the houses have decent heating systems and it's fucking freezing over there. The Danube's got eight inches of solid ice on it. Australia has suddenly acquired a monsoon season.

IT IS FEBRUARY. If that doesn't tell you the weather patterns aren't totally fucked right now, I don't even know what to say.

grumbling about apocalyptic scenarios and those who die in Act I )

But a friend of mine I'd thought I wasn't going to ever see again is back in town, healthy and cheerful and attending classes again despite rotten circumstances, and that's eased a weight off my mind. We traded phone numbers and promised to hang out and see a movie at his place sometime. My dear friend and him got along well the few times they met; I think with time they'd make for good companions.

If my typing voice seems odd, blame Sherlock Holmes and Bertie Wooster. I had a fic binge recently and as tends to happen with me and any distinctively-written fiction, it's infected my syntax and shot my speaking style all to hell.
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Today's been one of net progress. I paid off my speeding ticket this morning, finished most of my online global studies exam, and even got my laundry done. That my current financial balance has been reduced by half, and I don't know how to answer the last question, and I still have to put all my newly-clean clothes away, are mere details to be worked out later.

I've spent the last few weeks silently convinced that the end of the semester would herald my academic demise. I've been somewhat deficient in a class or two. It built up, and by exam time I just put my head down and hoped like hell the teachers were feeling merciful. I've pulled this EVERY SEMESTER. I don't know why.

Fortunately, they were feeling merciful, so I won't have to find some way to tell my parents I'm on academic probation again. This biannual scholastic fugue state I drive myself into is beyond pointless, I have got to learn how to stop sabotaging myself.
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I live about fifteen minutes from campus and I had a little time between my afternoon Global Studies and my evening Spanish class. The moment I got out of the one, I went home and devoured some reheated corn-on-the-cob and a turkey sandwich right before I turned around and drove back for the other.

Problem: if I eat well after I've been hungry, there tends to be a period of blank, blissful stupidity afterward, like a python on a warm day after it's eaten a baby hippo. Basically I showed up to class just in time to stare at nothing and stutter thickly over the simplest questions (the alphabet, el alfabeto, what is the letter after 'eme'? Es la una de la tarde, okay, now how do you tell time when the hour is not one?) while my brain slowly reasserted itself over my stomach. Still can't remember the name of the sweet woman who sat next to me, introduced herself with a handshake, and very kindly ignored that the hand I offered her still had a pencil and an eraser in it. I also don't know what times I signed up for the one-hour-a-week Spanish language lab and what the fuck I did with my Spanish homework (thankfully due Thursday, but still). It was a mess.

Clearly it's worse if I am hungry, however, because in Global Studies I cheerfully lent someone else--whose name and phone number I do not know--my textbook, with the assurance that I'd pick it up at 8 because that was the most convenient time for me tomorrow. My last class of Wednesday offically ends at six-thirty and lets out way earlier. I completely forgot this. SOY UNA FRACASADA.

And I had to unfollow someone due to racist graphic now that Tumblr's gotten their shit together and supported Spanish. Nice work, dash, good to see you failing at life.
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Cross-legged on my bed, hunched over my laptop and slowly destroying the ligaments in my knees, has been pretty much my default position at wherever I'm calling home for the past several years. Today's a bit different, though--I'm looking at colleges. Seriously looking, not the casual pointless window shopping I've indulged since junior high. The Word document of relevant information for possible choices is saved as "Final Destinations". Yeah. I'm not entirely losing it yet. Give it time.

It's weird. I've been dreaming of financial and personal independence since I was eleven, but I've always been held back--and held myself back, to be honest. I mean, I never even tried to apply to college when I was in high school because I didn't know how to do it, I couldn't ask anyone for help, and I didn't think I was smart enough. Now I'm almost twenty-one and I'm finally getting my feet under me for the first time.

That's really scary. Or it should be. Strangely enough, I'm actually feeling quite calm. I think it's because, for the first time, I have people I can ask for help who will give me kind and applicable advice.

However, I'd appreciate it if the entire internet weren't beautifully equipped for high school students preparing to embark on their freshman year of college. Now, I don't begrudge those students, but note that I am a community college student looking to finish up my A.A.  & transfer out. The deafening silence? Is really not encouraging.

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