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My grandmother wore a sleeveless shirt and capris to golf today. Winnipeg's annual snow festival had to buy their snow. V's friend in Rome has to sleep fully dressed and wearing a hat because none of the houses have decent heating systems and it's fucking freezing over there. The Danube's got eight inches of solid ice on it. Australia has suddenly acquired a monsoon season.

IT IS FEBRUARY. If that doesn't tell you the weather patterns aren't totally fucked right now, I don't even know what to say.

It bothers me to hear the people around me all happily twitterpated about how nice the weather is, and isn't it great how it hasn't rained or been cold hardly at all? Ha ha, 'global warming', well I love it! And it gets cold other places, sometimes, so it's definitely fake anyway.

We're not getting the rain and the future snowmelt that should be feeding the lakes and rivers that keep animals, plants, and agriculture alive. The internal clock that tells plants and some animals 'wait 'til spring, then start reproducing' is going all out of whack. Aside from all that, it's just plain creepy to be as hot and sweaty in January as I was last week.

I have nightmares about the world ending sometimes. They're usually quite cinematic, because my brain knows the structure of an action flick and lovingly crafts new ones for me when I'm stressed. Sometimes it's nukes or missiles (I flinch when I hear a certain kind of siren or jet engine going off in the distance, it sounds exactly like bombs do in war films), sometimes it's aliens (those are sort of fun once I forget the worst of the violence). Couple times, though, it's just been weather slowly killing off practically everyone. Those dreams were really unsettling and I don't fancy living in one.

I just threw open the windows to let in the sunlight and the warm air of outside. It might be the early days of the end of the world but I might as well enjoy the fun part of the opening scene.

But a friend of mine I'd thought I wasn't going to ever see again is back in town, healthy and cheerful and attending classes again despite rotten circumstances, and that's eased a weight off my mind. We traded phone numbers and promised to hang out and see a movie at his place sometime. My dear friend and him got along well the few times they met; I think with time they'd make for good companions.

If my typing voice seems odd, blame Sherlock Holmes and Bertie Wooster. I had a fic binge recently and as tends to happen with me and any distinctively-written fiction, it's infected my syntax and shot my speaking style all to hell.


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